Cats Only Pet Sitter On Duty

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When I talk to a cat family about my services, they’re excited to have a cats only pet sitter. They know I understand a lot of basic things about them.  Most of all, I like to tell a new family that I’m patient. There’s no need to rush, no need to force a cat to do anything they don’t want to do. Eventually, scared cats come out, upset cats calm down and nervous owners relax. Everything in its own time, and just for cats. 

(Just the cats, ma’am..)

I know cats. Like really know cats. Know what they like, what they hate, how to play with them and when to leave them alone. Major and minor illness, chronic, terminal or short-term are normal in my life. I’ve been involved in feline rescue for a very long time, usually as a foster. Foster kitties tend to be pretty traumatized and even quite ill due to displacement, shelter environments or an illness that cost them their home. As a cats only pet sitter, it’s like being a foster mom in someone else’s house. You never stop looking for ways to make your foster cats comfortable, whether it be health, mental stimulation or plain old love and I use my experience to give my client kitties the best “staycation for cats”.

I’m Good With the Pointy Things

At some point in your cat’s life, and maybe it’s now, your cat is going to be on some form of medication. I’m familiar with it all – subcutaneous fluids, subcutaneous injections, blood glucose testing, oral and topical medications and dozens of supplements. I know how important it is to be on time with insulin shots or tapazole for hyperthyroid, what an overdose can do to your baby – and I won’t be injecting the wrong cat nor giving the heart medication to the kitty with the kidney problems. You can be sure that I’ll take the time to make sure it’s done right, and that your cat is not stressed by it. Consequently, if sometime in the future your cat needs medication, I’ll gladly show you how to do it, even if you think it can’t be done.

Yes, We Are Cat Lovers. Deal With It!

Everyone owned by cats has a story of feline discrimination. Are you tired of that? I bet you are. As a cat owner, I am too! It’s been happening for so long that we’re totally expecting our cats to get short shrift – in any environment. The only thing special it seems our cats are treated to is higher pricing on products and services.

A Few Of The Guilty Parties

  • Commercial Pet Food Industry
  • Pet Toy Industry
  • Chain Pet Stores
  • Boarding Places
  • Rental Houses and Apartments
  • Audubon Society
  • Vaccine Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies

Your cats are special, and your love for them is not any different from any other pet owner. Sign up with PurrSit and you’ll have the specialty experience for your cats that they (and you!) have always deserved.

It’s all about finding what they love and doing that.

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