“..very important pussycats deserve very important pet care..” ~
Sylvester The Cat (probably)
PurrSit Services

Just the Cats, Ma’am..

Choosing PurrSit for your cat care needs is the smartest thing you’ll do today. (If you close your eyes, you may find your cat is telepathically reinforcing this claim.)

Cats need very individual care. Sometimes cats want to feel like a nut, and sometimes they don’t – but they always want to feel special.

When you’re ready to get started with your cat care specialist, simply sign up and request a no-obligation, free meeting to get to know PurrSit.

Most Popular Services

Very Important Pussycats

  • Deluxe, all-inclusive visit, covers all they’ll need.
  • VIP After Dark add-on for only $22 more.
  • Mail, paper, trash, medications: all included.
  • Litter and food areas cleaned every visit.
  • Full attention, play and expert observation.
  • Full update after every visit, including a photo or a few!

VIP Awesome-Purr Hour

  • Purr-fect for lonely, bored or young kitties.
  • Multi-cat households thrive with extra time.
  • Visit length is a guaranteed hour or longer.
  • All the fun and love of the VIP, times two.
  • Focused attention for the “health challenged”.
  • Great for meeting repair personnel!

Veterinary Transport Too

  • Offering drop-off, or attended visit service.
  • Transport includes up to 10 miles per trip.
  • Transport to groomer or other locations, too.
  • Emergency transport is available.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of local veterinarians.
  • Wait time is $22.00 hour, first 30 mins included.

Got Other Pets?

PurrSit can care for birds, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, fish and many other small creatures. (squee!) PurrSit draws the lines at anything that requires a “live feeding” (ew) and will recommend other companies should that situation arise. PurrSit does not have the capacity to pet sit dogs.

House Sitting

Absolutely! $17 gets you an interior house check, with mail, paper and packages retrieved. Light plant watering is included, more extensive watering is available at full visit rates.