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Why Hire PurrSit?

  • Genuinely Skilled and Loving Cat Care
  • 10 Years of Hampton Roads Pet Sitting Experience
  • Fully Insured and Bonded
  • Pet Professional Guild Member Since 2013
  • Subcutaneous, Oral, Topical Medication Administration
  • Pet First Aid and CPR Trained
  • Veteran Owned and Operated
  • Paperless Cutting Edge Software

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This Is What You're Looking For

Peace Of Mind

In the past, traveling meant constant wondering if your home or pets are alright. With fully insured and bonded PurrSit, you get updates every visit – free of charge. Your choice of text, email or system updates, and all including pictures or video. (Overseas folks get WhatsApp messages.)


Guaranteed Fun

Strange smells, boarding, loud noises, incessantly barking dogs, car rides and loneliness are the worst things that can happen to your cat while they’re wondering if they’ll see their family again. I’m here to both comfort and play with them, freeing you of the guilt so you can enjoy your trip!


Vet Recommended

Area veterinarians know and trust PurrSit with their clients. Over the years, I’ve developed a working relationship with many vets, and I’m able to get cats to the care they need quickly. Years of Pet First Aid and CPR training contribute to my experience in caring for sick or injured cats.


What Clients Are Saying

“Carolyn was terrific with our two shy girls.  She was patient and persistent with engaging and playing with them.  We got daily updates with photos and videos.  She brought toys and catnip which they are still enjoying.  Highly recommended!”

Jo, Norfolk

“Carolyn quickly became known to me as the “cat whisperer.”  My cats responded to her in ways that they wouldn’t with anyone else.  I know that she truly loves my cats and cares about me too.  When my cats were in her care, I could rest assured that she would be 110% dedicated.  She would go above and beyond by leaving toys and special treats for my kitties and sending me daily pictures and texts.”

“Carolyn not only is my go-to for petsitting, she’s been my cat’s lifeline, helping us through the toughest of times with them.  I highly recommend Carolyn and PurrSit – whether you have a normal cat with no health issues, or a kitty with the most sensitive of needs, Carolyn can be trusted to treat your furbaby with nothing but TLC.”

Jackie, Virginia Beach

“When we moved back to VA we were happy that Carolyn could still take care of our fur baby. She gives our kitty plenty of love, treats and playtime when we are away. The best part is we get update texts, pictures and videos. I don’t know what we would do without her!”

Veronica, Norfolk