Get Your (Cat Sitter) Geek On

Cat Sitter Geek Norfolk Virginia BeachHi! Welcome to the technical side of your cat sitter! I do everything using technology, it’s so important to make sure that a visit is never missed, a client is never unsatisfied and that everything you or I need to know is right at our fingertips at all times. If you’ve never used a pet care company’s online client management system before, you are in for a treat. I use a company called Time To Pet, which provides ease of scheduling, sending your invoice and tracking all information I may need to know about your pets and home, emergency information and most notably, instant communication with each other. Best of all, there will be no paper contracts or pages of pet info to fill out by hand!

What In The Name of Tarnation!

Of course your first question is going to be some variation of “How?” I was going to write it all out for you but the folks at my company have done a fantastic job of that already. Simply bookmark this page and you’ll always know How to Do Anything!

Client Help

But Wait! There’s More!

Time to Pet recently launched a Client App for mobile devices, and boy is it exciting! Laptop schmaptop! Do all your scheduling from the convenience of your HAND.  Check out the links below for downloading the apps to your iPhones or Android devices. I’ve also included the Time To Pet video for application use. Enjoy!

Android App iPhone App

Can it be any easier? Doubtful!

And finally, here’s even more help on them, if you need it!
App Help

Coffee Relax Cat Sitter

Now you can spend more time providing a lap for your house panther!