Emergency Pet Care During Coronavirus aka COVID 19
Cat Sitter Norfolk Virginia Beach

Here in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, the Coronavirus still seems far away, happening in “other places” but we know it’s only a matter of time before it starts affecting us, too. Pet sitters have shockingly empty schedules as all the travel and destinations have cancelled to prevent the transmission of COVID 19. That, too, will begin to change as people will need pet sitting as they try to get to loved ones. Your local pet sitters stand by, ready to help. We have a large pool of vetted colleagues to refer to if you find us overbooked and we’ve been taking extreme precautions since we first heard about it in January.

Preventing Cross Contamination

We pet sitters are always concerned about cross-contamination. It might not come into your mind as much when you hire a professional, but we know how many houses and facilities we tromp through every day. We are well aware of puddles, poo in yards, gross looking hallway runners and all manner of things normal people don’t think about. And we are REALLY concerned about bringing one cat’s illness over to visit your cat.

We’re Always Thinking About Germs

We do weird things, like spray ourselves down with Lysol after we leave a home or gas station or walk down an unclean hall. We wear Crocs, not as a fashion statement, but so we can sanitize them easily. I had 2 boxes of latex gloves in my car before we even heard the word “Coronavirus”. Purell Hand Sanitizer? We were hoarding it before it was cool. So we want you to know, we’ve got this. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help, because we’re already watching your back.

Hire The Real Professionals – We’ll Keep You Safe

Do you have an emergency pet sitting request in Norfolk or Virginia Beach? Sign up here and even if you don’t live in PurrSit’s coverage area, we’ll find you help!

Are you looking for ways information about cats and coronavirus? Check out what the World Organisation for Animal Health is reporting!