Question: What Happens During Cat Sitting Visits?

The other day, one of my friends asked me what happens during a cat sitting visit. Oh! Maybe lots of people wonder that, such as cat owners? I love my friends!

When I first arrive in your home, I spend some time greeting any kitties who come out to investigate me, gently scritching those ears and bellies! I’ll head for the kitchen, and start food preparation, clean out water dishes and feed them, talking to them the whole time. Many cats will come out to see what I’m up to during this time. Moving on again, to litter box cleaning and a quick home walk-through to search out hairballs and any missing kitties. Getting these tasks done first serves a dual purpose. All of these noises are comforting sounds to cats, since it’s what they hear when you’re home – and it frees me up for the rest of the visit to play with your cats!

I carry all kinds of kitty fun in my car, and to make them really relax and enjoy themselves, I will bring out predator-prey toys for them, catnip or even a brush. Different cats like different things and it’s my job to find out what that is for each individual cat. Some are perfectly happy to curl up next to me and snooze for the whole cat sitting visit. I make notes about what your cats like, and next time they’ll get even more play (or no-play) time!

When all the kitties are wandering off to do their own thing, I’ll make preparations to leave, rechecking food and water, making sure all doors are locked, lights off and litter is carried out. Treats will be dispensed, farewells made and promises to return soon will be given. Once I’m in the car, you’ll get an update via text or system message from me, with fun pictures if I could get them or even links to a video of their fun!

When Might I Show Up?

Cat sitting scheduleI use the following guidelines for setting up cat sitting routes. Since I don’t utilize other personnel, I want to make sure everyone knows what to expect. Each of your precious cats are important to me, and so are their humans!

7-9am Medication Window. Diabetics, thyroid kitties, other twice a day medications are dispensed during this window. These cats take priority, as an early or late dosing could seriously sicken them.

9-11am Twice A Day Visit One. All households with twice a day visits will be done during this window, sometimes overlapping with the earlier window and starting as soon as the medicated kitties are finished. Once-daily medicated cats take priority, when timing is an issue.

11am-5pm Once A Day Kitties. As soon as the twice a day morning visits are complete, the once a day kitties get their cat sitting in the largest block of the day. Every effort is made to keep these households at 24 hour intervals to keep disturbances at a minimum and prevent empty food bowls and overfull litter boxes. During holidays, the timing of once daily visits can vary and many may see their cats are visited in the early morning or late evening. Going off-route can set off my schedule by 2 hours or more and that can’t happen on busy holidays!

5-9pm Twice a Day Visit Two and Medication Window. Again, medication needs take priority as many are exactly 12 hours apart, while I will also try and keep the twice a day kitties at a 10 to 12 hour interval.

Overnight stays are available during the hours of 10pm and 7am.

I work alone, and unless I’m at death’s door, I’ll be the only person cat sitting from PurrSit. I do have many excellent and trusted professional pet sitting friends in the area, so if something horrendous were to happen to me, your cats would never be left unattended. Prepare for the worst and expect the best, that’s my creed! Should something happen, you’ll know immediately, and you won’t have to worry for a second.

For those who are looking for boarding, I don’t board, because my home is a foster home for diabetics, and there’s rarely room. Besides, cats do much better in the comfort of their own homes! I can comfortably cover Virginia Beach and Norfolk, so I’m unable to visit you in another city. You can and I’ll send you a list of professionals working in your area!

How Do You Know You’re Getting the Best Care?

I chose cat sitting as a profession because I want someone out there taking care of cats the way I want my cats taken care of: with respect, experience, love and knowledge. I started with both dogs and cats with my first company, and while I do love dogs, I’m a cat person. I rescue, adopt, foster and treat senior cats with chronic or terminal illness. I have very high standards myself, as I assume all pet owners have. We cat people are the afterthought – “we also do cats!” UGH. You’re getting the best care because I love your cats as much as you do.

So here’s to special care for your special kitties – and for you too. You’re an amazing provider, friend and roommate to a pretty spectacular species.