Can Cats Eat Vegan?

So you recently watched the Netflix special, What The Health and decide to make some big changes – me too! And you’re also wondering how you can continue to feed your cats meat while maintaining a small eco-footprint with a plant-based diet – and promoting animal welfare – all animals, not just the ones in your house. I know that queasy feeling! But, as a feline caregiver with more than just a little hands on experience with feline nutrition, I’m here to stand in between your cat and the celery stalk in your hand. Can cats eat vegan? No.

Cats Are Obligate Carnivores

What the heck does that even mean, “obligate carnivores”? It means, your cats can not digest plant matter, at all. The nutrients a cat needs for all his or her systems is simply not accessible via a plant-based diet. All plant matter ingested is either sent out the opposite end, or converted to sugar.. and fat. Yes, this is why fat cats exist. Wild cats don’t get fat, ever notice that? It’s not because they can’t find food, it’s because they find food they’re meant to thrive on: birds, mice and other small mammals. You can read more about the Carnivore Connection here. (opens in another tab)

Why Do They Sell Kibble Then?

Remember how you felt when you realized the human food industries have been lying to you? Yeah, the pet food industry has been lying to you, too. Specially formulated, vet approved – it’s all lies – and it’s mostly plant-based! This leads to lethargy, fat butts and bellies, dull coats and cats that get sicker with each passing year. Slowly, so you can’t tell it’s the food. When the food makes your cat sick, and it will, who benefits? The food industry. What? That’s right, they also manufacture food for the cats they made sick. And does that food cure anything? It does not. So who benefits? Vets, the pet food industry and the burgeoning pet pharmaceutical industry, too. You’ll never believe how much insulin costs, and the associated vet visits and constant bloodwork.

Until They Sell Canned Mice

If we want to keep our cats healthy and thriving, we will have to continue purchasing meat for our little angels – it’s the cost of keeping them healthy. As vegans, we are still substantially promoting a positive impact on our world – while we’re feeding our cats a species appropriate diet.

For more amazing information on feline nutrition, please look at the following sites, hosted by people much more qualified than me!