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Your Cat Sitter Is Also A Trusted House Sitter

Trusted house sitter Norfolk Virginia Beach

Can A House Sitter Take Care of Your Cat? Saw an ad for a house sitter company today that said the best pet sitters work for free. What? LOL I shudder to think what representation of the population would  be showing up at your door. In case

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Security Cameras for Pet Sitters and In-Home Services

pet sitter security camera

Your Home is Your Castle Should you get security cameras for pet sitters or other services? In the pet community, there are two kinds of pet sitters. Pet sitters who have nothing to hide, and people who pretend to be pet sitters. The latter are often found

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Shenanigans! Handling Cat Sitting Predicaments

Cat Sitting Predicaments

Handling Cat Sitting Predicaments (and Shenanigans!) I read an article today on Conscious Cat about hiring a professional cat sitter. Ingrid King writes of her experiences with her cat sitter, focusing on the viewpoint of an actual cat owner who has used a cat sitter. Touching upon

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Cat Sitter Geek – Your Paperless Account

Cat Sitter Geek Norfolk Virginia Beach

Get Your (Cat Sitter) Geek On Hi! Welcome to the technical side of your cat sitter! I do everything using technology, it’s so important to make sure that a visit is never missed, a client is never unsatisfied and that everything you or I need to know

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There’s A Cats Only Pet Sitter In Virginia Beach and Norfolk!

Cats Only Pet Sitter Virginia Beach Norfolk

Cats Only Pet Sitter On Duty When I talk to a cat family about my services, they’re excited to have a cats only pet sitter. They know I understand a lot of basic things about them.  Most of all, I like to tell a new family that

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