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Can Cats Eat Vegan?

Can Cats Eat Vegan? So you recently watched the Netflix special, What The Health and decide to make some big changes – me too! And you’re also wondering how you can continue to feed your cats meat while maintaining a small eco-footprint with a plant-based diet –

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What is an Integrative Veterinarian?

It’s rare that I have free time, but when I do, I like to Netflix and Chill with my cats. (Oh, behave!) The other day, I saw a documentary on Netflix that left me astounded, called Pet Fooled. There were lots of veterinarians on there and one

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Why Your Cat Has Litter Box Accidents

Cat Lady Virginia Beach Norfolk

Is Your Cat Having Litter Box Accidents? As humans, we’re inclined to personify pretty much anything: even inanimate objects. The car has an attitude today, the toaster is acting a fool, the cat is belligerent. None of these things are facts, it’s just the way humans look

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Barfing Cat? Fun Facts and Cat Vomit Help

  So my friend Kerri over at North Dallas Critter Sitters posted this picture today, lamenting the sad 2″ sidestep the cat had taken mid-hork. I immediately thought of all the awful places I’ve found cat vomit and disagreed with this thought, but then I realized cat

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