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PurrSit’s Top 10 Cat Toys

PurrSit Cat Care Boxes

I spend all day playing with cats, so it’s a given that I know what toys cats like best. My top 10 cat toys are different from most because I find the cheapest toys are the most fun. Brand names mean nothing to me or the cats,

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Your Cat Sitter Is Also A Trusted House Sitter

Trusted house sitter Norfolk Virginia Beach

Can A House Sitter Take Care of Your Cat? Saw an ad for a house sitter company today that said the best pet sitters work for free. What? LOL I shudder to think what representation of the population would  be showing up at your door. In case

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What is an Integrative Veterinarian?

It’s rare that I have free time, but when I do, I like to Netflix and Chill with my cats. (Oh, behave!) The other day, I saw a documentary on Netflix that left me astounded, called Pet Fooled. There were lots of veterinarians on there and one

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What In The World Is Going On With Weruva?

Cat Pet Sitter Virginia Beach Norfolk

Back in early May of 2017, put up a post about Weruva having some trouble in Australia. It was more than some trouble, cats were dead and dying. They all had only Weruva in common. Weruva was pulled from shelves in Australia. People in my mostly-US-based

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